What, How & for Whom (WHW) — Ground Floor America

Opening, January 13, 2010, 6 pm
Exhibition, January 14 – February 26, 2010

“Ground Floor America” is the title of a travel book by Soviet writer duo Ilf and Petrov, written in 1936. “Ground floor America“ takes Ilf’s and Petrov’s approach as a starting point for questioning the notion of “curatorial research“ within the broader field of cultural translation, looking at the parallels between the burgeoning liberal economy’s capacity to erode a hitherto existing social consensus—both in the crisis era of the 1930s and at present. “Ground floor America” focuses on those elements of “curatorial research” that stay hidden and outside of the international circulation of contemporary art. It is critical towards hegemonic cultural and geo-political relations and investigates oppositional strategies, dealing with issues of discrepancy between local and international reception and questioning the very possibility of knowledge production under global conditions of contemporary cultural production.

Curated by What, How & for Whom (WHW).