Stephanie Misa — Hallow Hollow

Kunstraum Lakeside, Klagenfurt, 2021
Self-published poster edition
52.5 × 73.5 cm, folded to 17.5 × 24.5 cm, double-sided offset print
For free withdrawal in the exhibition and as an insert in the annual publication 2022
Print run of 1000 pieces

Graphic design: Stephanie Misa
Editors: Gudrun Ratzinger & Franz Thalmair

On the exhibition

Stephanie Misa — Hallow Hollow
October 4 – November 10, 2023

Two words that almost sound the same but have a single different vowel: Hallow Hollow reads the title of the exhibition by Stephanie Misa in Kunstraum Lakeside. The verb “hallow”—to venerate, honor as sacred, or to sanctify—is juxtaposed with “hollow”—empty, having a space or cavity inside—without any grammatical and sequential reference or an ostensible meaningful connection. The similarity of the words, however, invites us to ponder whatever might connect them. With the conjunction of two seemingly discrete units, the title alludes to a spatial contiguity that informs the entire exhibition: in the Kunstraum, Misa presents individual, stand-alone elements side-by-side, like in an encyclopedia, and leaves it up to the viewer to draw the connections between them.