Research | Recherche — Annual publication 2018

Verlag für moderne Kunst, Vienna, 2019
Paperback, 22 × 16 cm, 112 pages, numerous ills. in color
ISBN 978-3-903269-50-7

Editor: Franz Thalmair
Texts: Karin Harrasser, Franz Thalmair
Translation: Christine Schöffler & Peter Blakeney |
Artistic contributions: Agnes Fuchs, Johannes Porsch, Joséphine Kaeppelin
Graphic design: Studio Kehrer |

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A few useful terms for artistic research
By Karin Harrasser

Once upon a time, a fairytale was told over the centuries, time and again, in the chronicles of the Global North. It is about how brave men learned to trust their senses and changed the senses in the process. There are many famous scenes in this story. One is the scene with René Descartes, who enters the stage of philosophy wearing a mask, which hides the blush about his own performance and his stage fright—masking physical signs with created signs, and soon he will neatly sort the human things into active and rational res cogitans and passive and dumb res extensa. Enter the opponent: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz insists, on the contrary, that there are transitions between sensual perception and thought. He is interested in the borderzone between the materiality of the body and kingdom of ideas, between the tiny perceptions and deep thoughts. Meanwhile, the natural scientists of the Royal Academy are sitting in a salon listening to the wood worms. Thomas Hobbes and Robert Boyle debate the…