Josef Dabernig — Envisioning Kunstraum Lakeside (poster edition)

Kunstraum Lakeside, Klagenfurt, 2020
Self-published poster edition
16 posters, 57 × 78 cm, folded to 19 × 26 cm, double-sided b/w offset print
In a cardboard box, not signed, not numbered
Print run of 100 pieces

Graphic design: Josef Dabernig
Editor: Franz Thalmair

On the exhibition

Josef Dabernig — Envisioning Kunstraum Lakeside
Exhibition, September 30 – October 2, 2020

In 2005 Josef Dabernig defined the architectural and design parameters for Kunstraum Lakeside in Setting Up of Kunstraum Lakeside. With the furnishings he designed for the space, and with technical equipment and display elements such as partitions, shelves, and tables he also defined the conditions and possibilities of its use. Multifunctional, discursive, changeable, permeable, not prestigious or showy—Kunstraum Lakeside, with its interiors in technological beige and gray, is not an exhibition space in the conventional sense. It is also an exhibition space, namely whenever the respective art project requires it. Moreover, its infrastructure is designed to enable a wide variety of other event formats at the interface of technology, research, business, and not least art. The broader social conditions that lead to the overlapping of these different fields are themselves the subject of wide-ranging discussions at Kunstraum Lakeside that go beyond the realm of art. Reflections likewise extend to the spatial requirements in the modular methods and strategies of display devised by Josef Dabernig…