Wörthersee, Wörtersee — Group exhibition, curated by Robin Waart

Opening, July 4, 2023, 7 pm
Exhibition, July 5 – September 22, 2023

Works by Patrícia Almeida, Maria Anwander, Daniela Comani, Josef Dabernig, Claire Fontaine, Hermann Gabler, Hermann Gabler, Dora García, Irena Haiduk, Iman Issa, Ana Jotta, Marijn van Kreij, John Morgan, Kay Rosen, Hans Schabus, Lena Sieder-Semlitsch, John Stezaker, Mitchell Thar, Robin Waart

Robin Waart was invited to develop an exhibition based on Kunstraum Lakeside’s bookshelf, an unsystematic library of artist’s and theory books accumulated since the founding of the space. Under the title Wörthersee, Wörtersee and in his double role as artist and artist-curator, he responds to the structures Josef Dabernig established for the Kunstraum with a site-specific intervention. Waart takes the specific presentation furniture, which all exist in pairs—provisions such as tables, chairs, partition walls, and shelves that characterize the technoid-administrative nature of the Kunstraum—as the starting point to address questions of duplication and duplicity, as well as concepts such as repetition, recognition, affinity, and friendship. “The gesture or idea informing my exhibition proposal is an intervention that draws from and even over-affirms Josef Dabernig’s architectural takeover. His design of the Kunstraum, which conditions everything that happens in the space, could itself be understood as an ironic-critical gesture and as a proposition for how something can be exhibited.” For Wörthersee, Wörtersee, the artist doubles the individual books in the library and traces Lakeside’s exhibition activities over the past twenty years in the form of a bibliography, which in turn appears as an artist’s book and artist’s poster. In addition to his own work, Robin Waart invites other artists, whether friends or colleagues he would like to collaborate with, to participate in the exhibition.

Robin Waart (b. in the Netherlands) lives and works in Amsterdam.


Robin Waart, Dedication(s), 2018 | Photo: Ayako Nishibori