We do it. The Isola neighborhood in two inadequate descriptive systems (group exhibition)

Opening, November 11, 2009, 7 pm
Exhibition, November 12 – December 20, 2009

Works by Adrian Paci, Andrea Sala, Bert Theis, Christoph Schäfer, Danilo Correale, Enzo Umbaca, Yang Jiechang, Maria Papadimitriou, Mariette Schiltz, Millepiani magazine, Museo aero solar (Tomas Saraceno), OUT (Office for Urban Transformation), Paola Di Bello, Stefano Boccalini, Undo.net, Wurmkos

“The city is the privileged field for the exertion of power. Subjugation procedures are deployed everywhere (on bodies, on language, on places). But nothing is in itself political for the mere fact of hosting the exercise of power relationships, and yet anything, upon the right occasion, can become so. Over the last seven years, the Isola neighborhood—both in itself and within the city of Milan—has become a «political» space. It has become a field of forces, tensions, resistance, desires and aspirations. Perhaps as the heritage of its local past, the Isola has ended up representing a disturbing element for modern urban narratives: speculative projects, spatial police projects, gentrification. […] We do it. wants to present again a re-articulation, through a series of documents, of the protest led by the antagonist movement. The project intends to illustrate at the same time both the official municipal plan (in the making), and one drafted by a parallel city planning board that has been the object of the opposition.” (Marco Scotini)

Curated by Marco Scotini (with Matteo Lucchetti).