Ruben Aubrecht — & Maria Anwander

Opening, November 10, 2020, 7 pm
Exhibition, November 11 – December 4, 2020

For Maria Anwander and Ruben Aubrecht, forms of collaboration are not only a topic of discussion when they develop and implement a joint art project as part of their daily work in the studio. They also make collaboration and the way it is manifested, its potentials and consequences, the subject of their art, working both as individual artists and as a duo. Where does a thought originate, and who is the one who sparks it into life so that it can develop into an idea? What does it take to pursue a thought together? How can the idea of collaboration be extrapolated to social conditions?

While Maria Anwander’s solo work often deals with the mechanisms, rules, and logic of the art business, Ruben Aubrecht for his part looks at the media and technological prerequisites and conditions for contemporary art production. When collaborating, the two meet up in the realm of subversion. As they attempt to undermine the current conditions of art production at the crossroads of the analogue and digital worlds and to illuminate the underlying structures, Anwander and Aubrecht frequently use irony and humor as stylistic devices—not only for the sake of subversion but also to productively reverse these conditions and structures.

Ruben Aubrecht (b. 1980 in Austria) lives and works in Berlin.


Maria Anwander, Material for a sculpture that the artist decided better not to realize, 2015