Exhibitions 2020 — Format

The annual program 2020 at Kunstraum Lakeside is devoted to the concept of “format.” While the fields of inquiry for the previous two years, artistic research and the artistic process, had the potential to emancipate themselves from the artwork and become an independent form, and in turn a work of art in their own right, format as a working hypothesis is marshalled against the notion of fixed content. “Formats are nodal connections and differential fields; they channel an unpredictable array of ephemeral currents and charges. They are configurations of force rather than discrete objects. In short, formats establish a pattern of links or connections. […] what now matters most is not the production of new content but its retrieval in intelligible patterns through acts of reframing, capturing, reiterating, and documenting.”* The 2020 program year will hence examine format as an artistic and curatorial method as well as a nodal configuration. Format in this sense is a structure within which artistic fields of action, research processes, investigations, media, and not least works of art enter into a spatial relationship with one another. The concept of “format” involves fabrics and webs, entanglements and configurations, as well as the network as a horizon and carrier of meaning.

*Joselit, David. After Art. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2013, 55f.

Statement #09 | Michaela Schwentner — re-ASSEMBLY
Performative setting, May 18 – 20, 2020
Presentation, May 21 – June 10, 2020

Statement #10 | Ernst Miesgang — Pretty Close
Performative Setting, June 15 – 18 2020
Presentation, June 19 – July 8, 2020

Josef Dabernig — Envisioning Kunstraum Lakeside
Opening, September 29, 2020, 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Exhibition, September 30 – October 2, 2020

Peter Downsbrough
Opening, October 8, 2020, 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Exhibition, October 9 – November 6, 2020

Maria Anwander — & Ruben Aubrecht
Opening, November 10, 2020, 7 pm (canceled due to COVID-19)
Exhibition, November 11 – January 12, 2020

Ruben Aubrecht — & Maria Anwander
Opening, November 10, 2020, 7 pm (canceled due to COVID-19)
Exhibition, November 11 – January 12, 2020

Lone Haugaard Madsen — Raum#365
Opening, January 21, 2021, 7 pm (canceled due to COVID-19)
Exhibition, January 22 – March 12, 2021