Open Call — Exhibitions 2025

Kunstraum Lakeside invites artists to participate in its 2025 program with proposals for solo exhibitions. We are in search of projects that relate to the Kunstraum’s annual topic of “glitch” and experiment with modes of representation in the visual arts, in the context of an institution at the interface between art, science, and technology.

Kunstraum Lakeside
Kunstraum Lakeside focuses on one topic each year, which evolves from the local and institutional particulars of the exhibition, performance, and discourse space itself. Its association with a science and technology park and the correlations between the exhibition contents and the semester program at the University of Klagenfurt prompt questions about the role of artists in current knowledge production. Curated by Franz Thalmair and Gudrun Ratzinger, the program concentrates on fields of action encompassed under the term “artistic research”. Artistic research is conceived as a field that, in addition to just an aesthetic experience, enables one to reflect upon the conditions of his/her activities within artistic practice, while representing something in the artistic knowledge production process with the specific means of art.

Annual topic — Glitch

    Herein lies a paradox: glitch moves, but glitch also blocks. It incites movement while simultaneously creating an obstacle. Glitch prompts and glitch prevents. With this, glitch becomes a catalyst, opening up new pathways, allowing us to seize on new directions. […] Thus, glitch is something that extends beyond the most literal technological mechanics: it helps us to celebrate failure as a generative force, a new way to take on the world.
    — Legacy Russell, Glitch Feminism

What if something begins to slip, even slips out of hand, because of a tiny little mistake? If it distorts previous assumptions while making them more tangible? If it unintentionally creates something new? In the 2025 annual program Glitch, Kunstraum Lakeside takes a look at the potential of temporary disruptions of technological apparatuses, which are beyond human control. We see the glitch as a necessary when not welcome socio-techno-cultural interruption of the everyday. An interruption that counters the violence of homogeneity and celebrates diversity.

Applications must be sent per email by March 10, 2024 (midnight) to office(at)lakeside-kunstraum(dot)at, to the attention of Lea Lugarič. The documents should be submitted as a single PDF file with a maximum size of 10 MB. The application must be written either in German or in English. Only complete applications with a clear reference to the annual theme “glitch” will be accepted. Please include the following documents:

    • Description of the planned solo exhibition, including the thematic reference
    to the annual theme “Glitch” (no longer than one A4 page);
    • Spatial and visual presentation of the planned project as well as technical description,
    e.g. in the form of sketches, plans, lists of works or visualizations;
    • Brief description of the artistic career or portfolio to date;
    • Project budget
    • Floor plans, photos, technical equipment and display elements available at
    Kunstraum Lakeside can be downloaded here.

The Kunstraum Lakeside provides a fee of 1,200 euros and a production cost subsidy (including transports of artworks) of a maximum of 1,500 euros per exhibition. These financial conditions must be taken into account in the conception of the exhibition. We therefore recommend that existing works be recontextualized and expanded. In addition, the Kunstraum will cover the costs of PR/marketing, translations, documentation, opening, travel etc.

The exhibitions at Kunstraum Lakeside will open in February, April, September or November 2025 and will run for 6 to 8 weeks.

Jury and decision
The jury consists of Bettina Spörr and Jeanette Pacher (Curators, Secession, Vienna) as well as Gudrun Ratzinger, Franz Thalmair und Lea Lugarič (Kunstraum Lakeside, Klagenfurt). Applicants will be informed of the jury’s decision in writing by April 2024.

Competition conditions
With the submission of an exhibition proposal, the applicant acknowledges the competition conditions. The jury bears sole responsibility for the selection of the artistic positions participating in the 2025 program at Kunstraum Lakeside. The jury’s decision is final.

Lea Lugarič
Phone, +43 463 22 88 22-60
Email, office(at)lakeside-kunstraum(dot)at