Notes on Landscape (…)

Opening, November 19, 2019, 7 pm
Exhibition, November 20 – December 20 2019

Works by Paula Bruna Pérez, Mercedes Mangrané Mora, Francisco Navarrete Sitja, David Ortiz Juan

In collaboration with the Hangar center for art research and production in Barcelona, Kunstraum Lakeside is presenting a group exhibition on the theme of the year. Hangar’s mission is to support visual artists throughout the various phases of their production processes and to contribute to the optimal development of their projects. Hangar helps them not only by providing equipment and studios but above all by putting at their disposal a suitable framework for experimentation and unencumbered knowledge transfer. The center offers a range of services that facilitate research and the development of art productions. Hangar then follows up on the results by finding ways to present the projects in various networks and platforms or to integrate them into other areas.

Based on the idea of an artistic process that has the potential to emancipate itself from the artwork and become an independent form, Kunstraum Lakeside will present a selection of the artists who have their studios at Hangar. The focus is on artistic practices that address developmental processes in creative work: phases, evolutions, progressions, and procedures.

Hangar – centre de producció i recerca d’arts visuals