Lone Haugaard Madsen — Raum#365

Opening, January 21, 2021, 7 pm
Exhibition, January 22 – March 5, 2021

Lone Haugaard Madsen not only navigates in her practice a never-ending cycle of artistic production/reproduction and presentation/representation but also helps to shape that cycle. Using both sculpture and painting in what are always installations in space, she calls into question artistic production itself. Which contexts, relationships, and conditions are constitutive for art? What references and connecting lines can be established between its substantive, formal, and material prerequisites? By deliberately switching roles from artist to viewer to curator and back again as needed, Madsen holds her own field of action in limbo while keeping the issues associated with it under discussion.

The starting point for her precise installations, with which the artist for example renders tangible and negotiates the gestures of showing art in the exhibition space, is the material aspects of production. Her works often consist of objects that have accumulated in her own workspace or which she finds in the studios of artist friends or the workshops and storage spaces of art institutions. Madsen amasses diverse materials and objects in this way and subjects them to a process of reinterpretation, continuing to transform them until a network-like hybrid emerges that lays bare the complex interconnections behind artistic creation. The artist is developing a new site-specific installation for Kunstraum Lakeside.

Lone Haugaard Madsen (b. 1974 in Denmark) lives and works in Vienna.