Kamen Stoyanov — Bingo Topology

Opening, December 7, 2005, 7 pm
Exhibition, December 8, 2005 – January 12, 2006

This project Bingo Topology deals with a concrete place in Sofia, namely, a bingo room and its surroundings. I am interested in the great dynamism of this city, which finds itself in the process of a brutal transformation from a socialist society and spatial layout to a capitalist one, in which the decor of the space is no longer shaped exclusively by the state, but rather almost completely by the rapid spread of capital. One ideological order is replaced by another, which promises to function.

Kamen Stoyanov (b. 1977 in Bulgaria) lives and works in Vienna and Sofia.

Curated by Christian Kravagna and Hedwig Saxenhuber.

Kamen Stoyanov — Bingo Topologie | Photo: Ferdinand Neumüller