Iris Andraschek & Hubert Lobnig — Cruising Around

As part of the semester focus on Mobility and Control at Kunstraum Lakeside in the winter semester 2007/2008, the artists collaborated with the Research Seminar for Transportation Informatics, an institution of the University Institute for Intelligent System Technologies. In transdisciplinary research there, an autonomous, self-driving car was developed. The artists then dispatched the robot car, equipped with cameras and sensors, to the grounds between Lakeside Park and the university, where it made surveillance films from an unusual perspective. Some of the staged scenes were perplexing, such as the horse that was filmed among the buildings of Lakeside Park. Horsepower is considered a measure of speed, so in this case the appearance of the horse had the effect of contradicting the advances in the automotive industry.

Iris Andraschek (b. Austria, 1963) lives and works in Vienna.

Hubert Lobnig (b. Austrian, 1962) lives and works in Vienna.

Permanent project, 2005–ongoing