Dušan Barok

Opening, September 24, 2024, 6 pm
Exhibition, September 25 – November 15, 2024

“Dear friends and collaborators, Monoskop has been invited to create a work for the upcoming 10th edition of Seoul Mediacity Biennale. […] As a loose follow-up to the earlier initiative Ideographies of Knowledge, we decided to involve friends and collaborators of Monoskop and invite one hundred people and collectives to help us create an installation-exhibition,” reads the 2018 invitation from Monoskop to The Exhibition Library. Monoskop is an independent web-based platform for art, culture, and humanities, founded in 2004 by Dušan Barok in the vibrant milieu of Bratislava’s experimental digital scene. As a community server or shadow library, Monoskop provides a free educational resource that offers its users carefully curated content on diverse topics ranging from the fediverse, Fluxus, and free software culture to climate activism, Constructivism, Conceptualism, or techno/cyber/xenofeminism.

Extending invitations, networking, and sharing one’s own spaces or platforms with others—this has long been part of Dušan Barok’s artistic and scientific practice. At Kunstraum Lakeside, he presents a new variant of The Exhibition Library, one that focuses on the medium of the exhibition catalog. Typically completed before the opening of an exhibition, catalogs document not so much the actual exhibitions as the intentions of those who compiled them. Barok invites artists, designers, curators, and collectives to envision exhibitions for The Exhibition Library. By making the catalogs of the participating individuals and groups part of an analog exhibition, speculative prospection and concrete realization become one. What remains is the imagination of what is or could be in the minds of the visitors or readers.

Dušan Barok (b. 1979 in Slovakia) lives and works in Oslo and Bratislava.


Dušan Barok, Monoskop.org (screenshot)
Dušan Barok, Monoskop.org (screenshot)