Kathi Hofer — Cabin Essence

Opening, March 21, 2019, 7 pm
Exhibition, March 22 – April 26, 2019

Kathi Hofer takes up in her work pre-existing, “used” materials and ideas, processes them thoughtfully, and then re-inscribes them in the production cycle from whence they came. Resembling a recycling process, her artistic endeavors revolve around the procedures deployed in cultural and artistic production, focusing not least on the creative act itself. The artist appropriates specific techniques of meaning production and extracts patterns from them, which she in turn feeds into her own art production and hence back into the production of meaning.

Kathi Hofer’s photographs, installations, and object arrangements address issues that are innate to art and yet take their subject—art and its potential for identification—to extremes. She invokes a variety of role models—from René Magritte and the fashion designer Kenzo, to the knitted products marketed by her own family, who through the invention and serial production of the “Hofer Janker” jackets and vests had a hand in shaping the so-called “Austrian Style”—all the way to the anonymous authors who write “fan fiction” on the Internet. Historical as well as current artistic positions play a part in Hofer’s non-hierarchical repertoire. Through repetition, the referenced practices turn into repeating patterns—and are then combined to form more complex themes. Kathi Hofer is developing a new project for the exhibition at Kunstraum Lakeside.

Kathi Hofer (b. 1981 in Austria) lives and works in Berlin.


Kathi Hofer, Cabin Essence, 2019, illustriert von Daavid Mörtl

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