Parcours — A Performative Survey

Performances and guided walk
May 29, 2020, 2 – 7 pm

Performances by Laura Cemin & Lena Schwingshandl, Fanni Futterknecht, Sebastian Gärtner, Lisa Großkopf, Ulrich Kaufmann & Sigrid Friedmann & Nikolaus Meixner, Jörg Piringer, Jianan Qu, Liesje van den Berk — Guided walk by Erec Gellautz & Sandra Hölbling-Inzko

How do geographical, architectural, and social environments affect our behavior, and how do we experience these environments? Which structures do we follow as we make our way through the city, and which ones do we shape ourselves? Where is the border exactly between the city center and the so-called outskirts? And how can artistic performances make us look at real-life places through new eyes? The performance series Parcours invites people to ramble through Klagenfurt exploring questions like these. For a few hours’ time, the Parcours performances will act as obstacles along the city’s well-trodden paths. In a variety of different locations, easily overlooked gestures will be performed that challenge the basic parameters of urban spaces or, conversely, test whether they are able to transform the respective location.

Following the Situationist idea of the dérive, the performance series will try to elicit new impressions and a different way of perceiving the urban surroundings. As an artistic method, the dérive has gained in significance in recent years in academic research into urban issues. Parcours takes this trend as its starting point for relating downtown Klagenfurt with the Lakeside Park art space on the outskirts of the city. The participants undertake a journey that at some points eludes their control, showing them new aspects of their own familiar city.

Details of the walking tour
A group of visitors will be guided for several hours from Klagenfurt’s city center all the way to Lakeside Park on the periphery, passing through various stations along the way – in public space, at specially selected locations such as vacant buildings but also in art spaces. Each station will feature a different form of performance art that references the respective setting – whether urban space, place of business, or museum – to literally and figuratively give visitors a fresh look at these places. Accompanied by two tour guides who will in dialogue explain and provide background information on both the artworks and the surrounding area, the audience has the opportunity to explore a very special pathway through Klagenfurt. The stations in Parcours can also be visited individually without taking part in the guided tour.

Klagenfurt Festival
Parcours is taking place within the framework of the Klagenfurt Festival, directed by Bernd Liepold-Mosser, which deals mainly with the performing arts. In addition to theater, dance, and music, the transdisciplinary festival also features media art and discursive artistic fields, as well as performance art.

Curated by Gudrun Ratzinger and Franz Thalmair.


Sebastian Gärtner, Kil Khor, 2012–2015