On Uncanny States and Bodies (group exhibition)

Opening, March 21, 2013, 6.30 pm
Exhibition, March 22 – May 3, 2013

Franz Artenjak, Drew Danielle Belsky, Mareike Bernien & Kerstin Schrödinger, Eva Egermann, Luke Fowler, Roland Gaberz, Philipp Timischl

Uncanny states and bodies in the exhibition space. Unusual conditions in the 4th solar system. Various body and “teen issues”, wishes and desires. Endless therapy loops in intense colors. About becoming violet, green and blue and the red of the roses in the patients’ room. Somehow one has lost one’s form, ultra-low with down-shifted pitch. Strangeness and divided selves everywhere… Uncertainty and uncanniness spread out everywhere. The exhibition asks about the presence of deviance in the tradition of aesthetic representation, about divergences from the model of lack of damage. Common Artistic forms that reject the idea of privileged aesthetic sites are are commonly described as counter- and anti-aesthetic praxes. (Foster)

Curated by Eva Egermann.