Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch — The Monument

Opening, March 19, 2015, 7 pm
Exhibition, March 20 – May 8, 2015

In their new project The Monument, the artist duo Nicole Six and Paul Petritsch raise questions of memory and history. They are shooting a film about the province of Carinthia. Which symbols or monuments are suitable for expressing the lasting impression of human suffering that comes from war and displacement? How is it possible to escape the perpetuation of political propaganda and the fragmentation of remembrance along the lines of the respective ideological groupings? Sometimes it takes a radical gesture. Art has the freedom to make room for a new memorial culture by overwriting and draining of meaning existing forms of commemoration.

Nicole Six (b. Austria, 1971) and Paul Petritsch (b. Austria, 1968) live and work in Vienna.

Curated by Hemma Schmutz.