Josef Dabernig — Setting up an Art Space

Kunstraum Lakeside opened in October 2005, the result of a two-year collaboration between the management of Lakeside Science & Technology Park and the curators Christian Kravagna and Hedwig Saxenhuber. The contract to develop an art-in-architecture concept was awarded prior to the actual construction of the technology park, making it possible to methodically adapt the content of the art program to the conditions of the specific location and its functions. Designed and furnished by Josef Dabernig, the art space became the focal point for continuous artistic and discursive programming. Conceived as a space for presentations, events, and exhibitions, and as a discussion platform, as well as for the study of project-related literature, the Kunstraum also sees itself as an open communication zone during working hours.

Josef Dabernig (b. Austria, 1956) lives and works in Vienna.

Permanent project, 2005–ongoing