Open Call — Statements 2022

Kunstraum Lakeside invites artists and cultural practitioners to participate in its 2022 program with their own “Statement”. We are in search of performative formats that relate to the Kunstraum’s annual topic and experiment with modes of representation in the visual arts, in the context of an institution at the interface between art, science, and technology.

Kunstraum Lakeside

Statement #13 | Anna Bochkova — Philosophy of the Common Matter

Workshops, September 2, 2021, 2–6 pm
Opening, September 2, 2021, 7 pm
Exhibition, September 3–10, 2021

Departing from many years of research into the mindscape of Russian cosmism, an avant-garde school of thought at the turn of the twentieth century that combined philosophy with social and natural sciences, Anna Bochkova presents a selection of sculptures in Kunstraum Lakeside. On display are fragile forms whose papier-mâché-coated lattice structures and transparent materials make them seem so light that...

Statement #11 | Ernst Logar — Crude Oil Experiments

Performative setting, May 6, 2021, 3–7 pm

Oil drastically changed the world in the twentieth century. This transformation affected all areas of life, from mass mobility and food production to the application of polymers and plastics in consumer articles such as cosmetics and clothes. However, the omnipresence of oil in everyday life has rarely manifested in the imaginary space of the cultural. Only in the twenty-first century—in...

Statement #10 | Ernst Miesgang — Pretty Close

Performative setting, June 15 – 18 2020
Presentation, June 19 – July 8, 2020

Unusual perspectives on things we consider familiar and known can help us discover new realms of thinking and perception. Kunstraum Lakeside, which is located in a science and technology park, invites artists to reflect upon the very structures and processes that it owes its existence to. A site where interdisciplinary research and innovation are performed, where education, production, and the...

Statement #09 | Michaela Schwentner — re-ASSEMBLY

Performative setting, May 18 – 20, 2020
Presentation, May 21 – June 10, 2020

Historical, political, and social mechanisms are subject to a process of constant transformation. If you look at the details, certain movement patterns in society come to the fore. The performative installation re-ASSEMBLY by Michaela Schwentner investigates how these processes can be translated in the exhibition space and become tangible. To this end, the artist employs materials and everyday objects found...

Statement #08 | Stefan Riebel — Performing an Artspace

Performance, January 16, 2020, 2 pm – 8 pm
With students of the Academy of Fine Art Leipzig
Leon Galli, Frida Zack, Franziska Pätzold, Shuangshuang Liao, SeungLok Paik, Felix Almes, Yannick Harter, Lydia Marx, Lisa Kirchhoff, Tobias Fabek

The Kunstraum Lakeside is designed to be a place of production and presentation of contemporary international art with the aim of promoting critical discussion of socially relevant aspects of the economy. The space operates within the fascinating triangle of business, academic and cultural forms of discourse. What happens to the imagination of viewers when there is an intervention within existing...

Statement #07 | Ralo Mayer — The Tower, the Expo, the Echo, the Cell

Performance, January 9, 2020, 6 pm
Duration approx. 1 hour

Artistic research not only informs an artist’s aesthetic experience but also creates the necessary framework for reflecting on relevant artistic practice beyond the bounds of one’s own endeavours while keeping an eye on one’s own actions. Ralo Mayer‘s extensive studies are defined by the concept of “performative research”, a process-driven method of artistic research. Performative research is embedded in social,...

Statement #06 | Anna Vasof — Useless Machine

Performance and screening, July 4, 2019, 5–8 pm

Today, the development of digital technologies, and devices and software we call “smart” or “intelligent”, is influencing our everyday lives more than ever. The fusion of analogue and digital realities and the associated hopes for a society that is thoroughly interconnected and therefore, or nonetheless, open is one of the great challenges of the 21st century. Anna Vasof engages with...

Statement #05 | Ulrich Nausner — The Visitor

Performance, June 27, 2019, 7 pm
Duration approx. 20 minutes

Our analogue world is closely linked to the internet, which at once bundles and fragments knowledge—a kind of digital memory that is available to us as a matter of course, anytime and anywhere, for obtaining information and disseminating that same information. As we search in virtual space using machines that work according to algorithms, the meanings and attributions of audiovisual,...

Statement #04 | Markus Hanakam & Roswitha Schuller — PIVOT

Lecture performance
January 24, 2019
5 pm, Input: Apparatus–LCD (A–L)
6 pm, Screening
7 pm, Input: Mannerisms–Zapping (M–Z)

Images express social conditions, they create conventions and standards—and conversely, the social framework inevitably shapes the visual material it contains. With PIVOT, Markus Hanakam and Roswitha Schuller explore the possibilities for manipulating imaging devices and the visual worlds they create. The artist duo’s long-term research concentrates on digital and media imagery, an image format that is mobile and thus available...

Statement #02 | An Onghena — Performance for the Book

Performance, July 5, 2018, 3 – 7 pm
Performers, An Onghena and Tom Exelmans

“A book is a sequence of spaces.
Each of these spaces is perceived at a different moment –
a book is also a sequence of moments.”
—Ulises Carrión, 1975

Statement #01 | Edith Payer — On Things

Performance lecture, June 28, 2018
2 pm, Discourse #01: The Thing about Things
3 pm, Discourse #02: Fragmented Realities
4 pm, Discourse #03: Interpretation and Meaning

Culture is not only constituted by things which are collected, kept and conserved, and presented to the public in museums on pedestals and under glass panels. Culture is also constituted in the opposite direction: by discarding, in ownerless roaming rubbish, the garbage we produce each day and barely pay any attention to. Similar to waste dumps, archives and museums are...