Barbara Kapusta

Opening, November 21, 2023, 7 pm
Exhibition, November 22, 2023 – January 12, 2024

“Above and below, left and right do not merely denote physical points of orientation,” writes philosopher Jule Govrin, “but also social relations and political conditions: Above and below signify power and powerlessness, domination and subjugation. The body itself becomes the template for the power relation.”* A multidimensional view of the social contexts of the twenty-first century, always guided by the...

Stephanie Misa

Opening, October 3, 2023, 7 pm
Exhibition, October 4 – November 10, 2023

“My artistic practice in general doesn’t shy away from the political,” stresses Stephanie Misa, as she ponders how different social realities and affiliations are interwoven and how the reciprocity of categories such as gender, class, ethnicity, or sexual orientation influence one’s personal opportunities in society: “In fact, I probably have quite a literal take on (the second-wave feminist slogan) ‘the...

Wörthersee, Wörtersee — Group exhibition, curated by Robin Waart

Opening, July 4, 2023, 7 pm
Exhibition, July 5 – September 22, 2023

Robin Waart was invited to develop an exhibition based on Kunstraum Lakeside’s bookshelf, an unsystematic library of artist’s and theory books accumulated since the founding of the space. Under the title Wörthersee, Wörtersee and in his double role as artist and artist-curator, he responds to the structures Josef Dabernig established for the Kunstraum with a site-specific intervention. Waart takes the...


Opening, April 27, 2023, 7 pm
Exhibition, April 28 – June 2, 2023

“Does the best of subversions not consist in disfiguring codes, not in destroying them?”* With this question, Roland Barthes anticipates, in the early 1970s, the dilemma in which the subject finds itself today. As individuals, we cannot help but become active in the midst of a system in order to remain capable of action and resist if necessary. The artistic...

Michail Michailov — on the other side

Opening, March 7, 2023, 7 pm
Exhibition, March 8 – April 14, 2023

“Who am I, who are we, how do we relate to one another, and what is our existence about?” Michail Michailov explores these fundamental human questions in drawings, videos, and performances, and in the process stages his “self”, or rather its manifold variants, in installative settings that often refer to the respective exhibition space. The purview of his own identity...

Statement #12 | Verlag für Handbücher — Safe Operations

Performative setting, July 1, 2021, 4–8 pm

Be it operating instructions or user manuals, technical documentation or service instructions, package leaflets or total solutions … these and other pragmatic, efficiency-oriented printed matter comprise the collections of the Verlag für Handbücher [Publishing House for Handbooks], founded by Anna Schiefer, Björn Kühn, and Oliver Kraft in Stuttgart in 2014. Their stated aim is to “investigate mechanisms of change” through...