Alice Creischer & Andreas Siekmann — Monopolistic Productions

In the enameled wall panels conceived for Lakeside Park, Creischer/Siekmann draw on a historically significant model for visualizing economic and social conditions—the 1930 atlas Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft (Society and Economy) by Otto Neurath and Gerd Arntz. The authors of the atlas tied the development of statistical diagrams to a critique of economic conditions. For the wall panels, the artists collaborated with students of Prof. Paul Kellermann at the University of Klagenfurt to translate two pages from this atlas devoted to the monopolistic production in European and non-European countries into the current picture of a global economy in which national economies are being supplanted by the dominance of multinational corporations.

Alice Creischer (b. Germany, 1960) lives and works in Berlin.
Andreas Siekmann (b. Germany, 1961) lives and works in Berlin.

Permanent project, 2005–ongoing