Ricarda Denzer — To Tell A Story

Opening, May 7, 2019, 7 pm
Exhibition, May 8 – June 14, 2019

In Ricarda Denzer’s artistic practice the narrative form is open-ended in every conceivable direction. Her video works, performances, and expansive installations are dominated by acoustic thinking, revolving around phenomena such as the human voice, the spoken word, and the speech act as a sociopolitical manifestation and action. Denzer addresses complex themes subtly by using elements of her research process as recurring set pieces and assembling them into changeable, ephemeral arrangements.

For Kunstraum Lakeside, the artist is developing a new project with borrowings from a conversation between the British writer John Berger and his US colleague Susan Sontag, titled To Tell A Story (1983). As a way to recount an event, whether fictitious or real, narration usually takes oral or written form, but Ricarda Denzer formulates her narrative instead using audiovisual means, integrating not only speech and writing but also the image in all its manifold dimensions as a means of constructing a story. The artist emulates the narrative form not only in what is told but above all in how it is told, a thought loop through which the process of storytelling becomes one with its product.

Ricarda Denzers (b. 1967 in Germany) lives and works in Vienna.